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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Incoherence theory of truth

Working on a bigger piece, but in the meantime a few random observations:
  • The world and his wife is shouting �why are CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS being so much louder in their condemnation of Trent Lott�s racism than LIBERAL DEMOCRATS??? Ever notice that nine times out of ten, the guy who�s making most of the noise about that terrible smell, is the guy who farted?
  • Brits often have a lot of fun at the expense of Americans by mentioning the popularity of the �Mullet� haircut. But I think it�s a British invention. A small prize to anyone who can find a citation for a white-trash American sporting a mullet which predates the Def Leppard album �Hysteria�.
  • If the Cherie Blair story was really as important as the UK press seem to think it is, you�d have thought that I would know somebody who cared about it, wouldn�t you? On the other hand, it does seem mildly scandalous that Tony Blair has �500K to spend on flats for his son; good luck to him for earning the money, but if I wanted a fucking plutocrat, I�d have voted Tory.
  • On a similar tack, if Shania Twain was really as popular as Radio 1 thinks she is, surely I would know someone who doesn�t outright hate her fucking records? God I miss GLR.
  • Needing a good night�s sleep is simply not compatible with snooker on the TV from 11.15 to midnight. Long after golf, polo and even ice hockey are integrated, professional snooker remains a sport for white people only. It�s the amount of time they spend in darkened halls. Even the black players are white.1
  • Apparently, according to the Bain report, being a fireman is a really good job. So fucking what? Surely the task of rescuing people from burning buildings ought to be a good career! The working class needs its aristocracy, and why shouldn�t this be the firemen? Does capitalism actually demand that nothing be better paid or more interesting than a call centre in Glasgow?
  • Wouldn�t the political case for free trade be strengthened if one, just one American university took the opportunity to sack its professor of Economics and replace him with an Indian professor of Economics on half the wages? Just to sort of show willing, really.
  • I am still getting sleepless nights because about two months ago someone suggested that this weblog was making them think of moving in the direction of an economics degree. Just to be clear, the official position of D-Squared Digest is that nobody under the age of 25 is allowed to read this blog unless they promise to consider its contents to be some sort of erudite academic joke. Spouting heterodox economics is a massively career-limiting move, as is arguing the toss with your economics prof instead of getting a grounding in price theory. I�m starting to think this way with the luxury of an undergraduate and business school economics education and a decent job paying the bills. I�d hate to think I�d condemned some young soul to a life of unemployment and frustration.
  • Of course, if your economics prof is of a heterodox temperament, like Rob Schaap (yo Rob), you shouldn�t give him any fucking lip either. Little bastards. Bah.

The season of goodwill starts soon, apparently. I�ll do my best.

1This joke (c) Tess.

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